Studying the Bible…simplified

The Bible Study Course is an online platform for you to study the Bible, book by book, chapter by chapter; at your own pace. It is a focused approach to studying the Bible and the process is fairly simple:

  • Study each book of the Bible individually and broken down into a manageable outline
  • This outline is accompanied with audio commentary and a Notes / Journaling section that allows you to record anything the Lord has shown you for that section of the scriptures
  • Lastly, there are corresponding test questions to answer (if you want – they’re optional)

God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him!

Therefore, it’s our prayer that God’s blessing will be upon you! You can come to know the Lord deeper than ever before, as you grow in His Word and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The Bible Study Course

Applying the Bible to our daily lives is essential for Christian growth. Reports show that people retain only 60% of what they read. That percentage increases when we write about what we’ve read. This is why we’ve integrated a note-taking / journaling system for you as you study. 

The outlines of each course focus your reading on a specific area of the scriptures. The commentary is there to help arouse your thinking about the scriptures. The idea is simply that you read the Bible and keep a journal of what the Lord shows you; allowing the Holy Spirit to minister and teach you God’s Word.

When you record your notes, you are instantly emailed a copy to keep for your personal records. You will repeat this process as you work your way through the Bible. As a result, you’ll end up with an entire Bible Commentary that is exclusive and personal to you!

If you’re among the many of us who could benefit from a more focused approach to studying the scriptures. If you have interest in retaining and comprehending more of what you’re reading. Is your goal to deepen your understanding and knowledge of the Word of God? Or to deepen your walk and relationship with Christ? These courses are for you!

The Bible Study Course: Group Bible Study

The Bible Study Course: Homeschool Curriculum

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