Personal Bible Study

Personal Bible Study

How often do we read the Bible and walk away with no clue of what we’ve just read? Or worse yet, we have no idea how to apply it to our lives. The Bible Study Course is the perfect resource for everyone seeking to learn God’s Word in a practical and applicable way. It’s an effective resource for your personal Bible Study.

Personal Bible Study

The Bible Study Course covers each book of the Bible chapter by chapter, verse by verse, in an online learning environment. As you enroll in a book of the Bible, found here Courses, you’ll have access to all the content included for that course.

The content of each course includes:

  • All the chapters and verses of that book of the Bible broken down into an easy to manage outline 
  • Audio commentary for each section of the outline, 
  • An area to take notes or journal anything the Lord has shown you. Your notes are immediately emailed to you so you can save a copy for your personal records.
  • An optional test to challenge yourself and test your knowledge of what you’ve learned 

As you work your way through the courses, you’ll have a complete record of notes for the entire Bible; basically, a Bible commentary that’s 100% personal to you! This truly is your personal Bible Study!

If you choose to purchase a course, that course is yours for a lifetime. You can also subscribe the site and have access to all 66 courses as long as your subscription is valid. You can continue to study God’s Word over and over; and discover things you’ve “never seen before” each time. Also, as you grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, you’ll begin drawing deeper meanings out of things you’ve read dozens of times!

God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. It’s our prayer that you will indeed by blessed and rewarded in and through your study of His Word. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

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