1st Chronicles

A casual glance will show a lot of similarity between 1st and 2nd Chronicles and 1st and 2nd Kings. It’d be logical to think the Kings and Chronicles were written at the same time, however, this isn’t true. The book Chronicles were actually written close to the end of the Babylonian captivity; possibly even as late as Judah’s return to Jerusalem which is told in Ezra chapters 1-3 and in the books of Haggai and Zechariah.

Sometimes the Chronicles are overlooked and don’t seem to be of much importance. 1st and 2nd Chronicles are records of specific information dealing with a variety of events: including family genealogy and inheritance rights. This information points to the returned exiles leaving Babylon who are ready to resettle the land. Records of facts and figures are never very important until they’re needed.

1st and 2nd Chronicles only concern the nation of Judah; the wars, sins, and reforms from the house of David. The reason for this duplicate history was to exemplify the mistakes made so the new settlers trying to rebuild, would watch their directions. Primarily, the Chronicles are concerned with names, dates, facts, and places of the southern kingdom of Judah because they were the people who returned to that area.

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