1st Corinthians

While Paul was at Ephesus, he received reports and a letter from the brethren in Corinth that there were problems among the Corinthians. They had questions about doctrine and about what procedures to use in dealing with offenders. As we study the epistle written in response to these questions, we’ll see the extent to which the Corinthians were ignorant of some very basic spiritual principles. 

Paul wrote the epistle in 57AD while on his 3rd missionary journey in Ephesus. He’d stayed in Corinth for over a year and a half on his 2nd journey. He knew the brethren there and was ready to minister to their new needs. Paul’s purpose in writing 1st Corinthians was to correct church disorders and to introduce godly wisdom; he also wanted to answer the Corinthians’ questions about certain doctrinal matters.

This course features approximately 29 minutes of audio commentary.

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Course Outline:


Factions in the Church

Concerning Moral Problems in the Church

Concerning Marriage

Lawfulness Versus Liberty

Concerning Disorders in their Gatherings 

Concerning Spiritual Gifts

Resurrection from the Dead

Practical and Personal Matters

1st Corinthians Test