1st John

1st John has long been a favorite book of many Christians; no other book combines simplicity and profound wisdom so well. On one hand, its testimonies are simple enough for a child to grasp, yet the same truths challenge even the most scholarly minds. The depth of Christ’s love for us is seen in John’s epistles. John wrote this epistle somewhere between 90-95AD. The tremendous similarities between this epistle and the gospel of John verify the common authorship of John; it was also the unanimous opinion of the early church leaders. Within a very short time the epistle became well known throughout the entire Christian church.

The occasion for writing this epistle was the presence of certain false teachings which denied Christ’s position as the advocate for our sins. The specifics of this false doctrine are not clearly described but its been thought to have been a sect referred to as the Gnostics. The Gnostics’ most popular extreme was libertism. This doctrine reasoned that the individual wasn’t responsible for his sin rather it was the fault of corruptible matter. In this, there was no moral restrictions for them. These conclusions were, and are, unacceptable to true believers in Christ.

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