1st Samuel

1st and 2nd Samuel are considered one book. The reason they are divided into two separate books is that of their length. The entire section couldn’t fit on a single scroll, therefore two scrolls had to be used. The concluding sections from the book of Judges showed the weakness of Israel which destroyed them as a nation. This weakness was a result of not seeking God, a corrupt priesthood, and men who were apathetic about the Lord’s ways. With this attitude, it was impossible for the nation to succeed under the judges, as seen with Samson. Rulership by a man with complete power, a king, is a new standard accepted by the people at this time. 1st and 2nd Samuel record this time of change until the monarchy is firmly established with King David. By the end of 1st Samuel, God has allowed them to have a king but still has kept the king under his guidance.

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Samuel as Judge

Kingship of Saul

Conflict of Saul and David

1st Samuel Test