2nd Kings

1st and 2nd Kings are a continuation of the records of 1st and 2nd Samuel. They are the same types of history as the books of Samuel; a spiritual record of Israel’s relationship with God. They cover the period in Israel’s history from David’s death through the division of the kingdom after Solomon’s death, until Israel and Judah are taken captive. It’s the book of Kings because Israel is now firmly established under the king’s rulership who nearly has full control over the direction of the nation and its people. The individual kings are the main characters discussed in these books because much of Israel’s condition was influenced by these men. 

This course features approximately 48 minutes of audio commentary.

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Estimated Time: 4 hours

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Course Outline:

The Northern Kingdom under Ahaziah

The Northern Kingdom under Jehoram (Joram)

The Overthrow of Jehoram (Joram) and All of Ahab’s Household by Jehu

The Events in Israel and Judah until the Time of Jeroboam II, King of Israel

The Events Leading to the Fall of the Northern Kingdom

The Fall of the Northern Kingdom of Israel

The Southern Kingdom – From the Fall of the Northern Kingdom until the Babylonian Captivity

The Babylonian Captivity

2nd Kings Test