2nd Timothy

2nd Timothy was the last epistle Paul wrote. He was arrested in Troas for being an instigator of the now illegal religion (ordained by Nero) and was shipped to Rome to be tried and executed. This happened around 67AD. Many of Paul’s friends had abandoned him because they were afraid of associating with a known leader and expounder of Christianity. Paul had appeal to influential Christian men to testify on his behalf in Rome, but because of the hopeless situation and the personal danger, no one came. He appeared before the imperial court and by God’s grace, he was successful in his own defense. He was then sent back to prison where he wrote 2nd Timothy.

The occasion for the epistle was that Timothy had need of great encouragement. Timothy stood alone in this dark hour of the Christian faith. His teacher and father in the faith was facing certain death. Christianity was being disbanded and Timothy needed all the hope and fortitude he could get; to tolerate the persecution that was sure to come.

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Exhortations to Steadfastness

Exhortation to Soundness in Doctrine and Life

Character of Last Days Apostasy

Paul’s Last Words to Timothy

2nd Timothy Test