Acts is simply the shortened form of the word Actions. The book is about the Actions, or the deeds, of Christ’s early apostles. Peter, James, John, and Paul are mentioned extensively. Actually, the title of the book could read, “The Acts of the Holy Spirit” as the apostles, and others, yielded to His guidance and power. Because it’s God who moves so mightily to bring men to Christ and convict them of sin, righteousness, and judgment.

Luke is regarded as the author of the Book of Acts. Early in the book, Luke tells that he intends to complete the first account that he wrote; which is known as the Gospel of Luke. The book of Acts was probably written in the year 63AD, the year that the narrative within the book ends.

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Origin of the Church: The Gospel to the Jews

The Gospel to the Samaritans

The Gospel to the Gentiles

Ministry to the Gentiles: The First Missionary Journey

The Conference at Jerusalem Concerning Judaism

The Second Missionary Journey

The Third Missionary Journey

Paul’s Prison Ministry: Witness to Kings and Governors

Acts Test