In this last book of the Pentateuch, Moses is the author from chapter 1 through Chapter 34:4.  The remaining eight verses were written by Joshua or someone else after the death of Moses. The title Deuteronomy is taken from the Greek Septuagint translation meaning, the second law. This can be misleading because Deuteronomy is not a second law but rather a review of the Mosaic Law which was given in the Sinai wilderness.

The theme of this book is repeatedly expressed, Israel is commanded to do, keep, know, hear, and obey the words which the Lord had given to Moses. It is full of admonitions and exhortations to stand uprightly before the Lord and to teach their children these things. Deuteronomy was Moses’ farewell address to Israel. It covers the last two months before Israel crossed over the Jordan River and began her conquest of the land of Canaan.

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