The book of Esther concludes our study in The Historical Books. It’s a very helpful book in the historical section as it gives a picture of how the Jews and Gentiles reacted to one another when the Jews were captives. Most importantly, we see how God moved to protect his people when the hand of men would turn against them. Its purely a historical book but many lessons can be learned from it. 

The time of Esther comes after Ezra’s and Nehemiah who lived under the reign of Artaxerxes the son of Ahasueras. The events in this book of Esther would parallel the events in Ezra 4:6. Most likely, Ezra and Nehemiah were young men at the time of these events in Esther. Certainly, the favor given to the Jews in the time of Esther had an effect on the positions of Ezra and Nehemiah in the following years.

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