Ezekiel began prophesying during the 5th year of Jehoiakim’s captivity which was 593BC. Judging from his last dated prophecy (Ezekiel 27:19), it was 571 BC, the 27th year of captivity; thus he prophesied for at least 22 years. Chapters 1-24 were written before Jerusalem was destroyed. Ezekiel’s fellow captives stubbornly persisted in believing that Jerusalem would never fall and the temple would never be destroyed. Ezekiel has the task of showing them why these judgments would take place.

In addition, he was appointed to show the surrounding Gentile nations their own inevitable judgment. After the fall of Jerusalem, Ezekiel is commissioned to reveal Israel’s future restoration and Jerusalem’s coming glory.

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Course Outline:


Ezekiel’s Call and Vision of God

Judgment on Judah and Jerusalem

Judgment on the Gentile Nations

The Destruction of Israel

The Shepherds of Israel Denounced and the Destruction of Edom

Gathering of Israel

War upon Israel

Millennial Temple

Ezekiel Test