Hebrews was written to Jewish Christians in Rome. Since the author isn’t mentioned in the epistle, but a reference is made to, Timothy our brother, the apostle Paul is our most likely candidate. The date of its writing is unknown, however, if Paul were the author, it would have to be before 68AD. Also, in 70AD the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by Rome. If the entire sacrificial system had ceased, it seems the author would’ve used it as support for his case against returning to the law for justification.

Persecution had come earlier, ceased, and is now being renewed. This possibly could’ve been Nero’s persecution. The author, recognizing this, took the opportunity to write and minister to them. 

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Prologue: God has Spoken most perfectly through His Son

Christ is Superior to the Agents of the Old Covenant

The Superiority of Christ’s High Priestly Ministry

A call to Persevereance in Faith


Hebrews Test