Hosea started his ministry at the end of Jeroboam II’s reign; Israel’s last powerful king (the northern kingdom). Religiously, there was the continuance of the sin which Israel walked in since the first king, Jeroboam I. Politically, Syria had just been defeated and the recovery of all the territory conquered by King David or occupied by Solomon had been accomplished. These successes further corrupted the people and in time, the nation rapidly declined. Rejection of God and the ready adoption of pagan religious practices brought about a moral and political decline. 

Hosea means, God is salvation. Beyond the history of his marriage, nothing else is known about Hosea’s personal life. Hosea was a contemporary of Amos in Israel and Isaiah and Micah in Judah.

Spiritually speaking, Israel was Jehovah’s wife. She had been unfaithful to Him and gone deeper into idolatry and sin from the time of the kingdom’s division to the present. So Hosea is to announce that Jehovah is going to chasten His unfaithful wife. Eventually, He will buy her back and restore her place of blessing. This is illustrated by Hosea’s personal experience. 

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