This book was written between the 13th year of Josiah (626BC) to the end of Zedekiah’s reign (586BC) and somewhat beyond this time in Egypt. Approximately 40 years are covered during the reign of these kings. In addition to the time after Zedekiah’s downfall, about 26 more years, which makes a total of 66 years. 

Jeremiah began to prophesy during Josiah’s reign, whose administration repaired the temple and abolished idol worship. He saw however that this superficial reform only affected the king; the people of Judah continued to follow in the ways that brought destruction to Israel. During the reigns of the following kings, the progress declines; so Jehovah authorizes Jeremiah to bring his last appeal before their destruction. He is to announce the inevitable doom that will come upon Jerusalem and Judah at the hand of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon. 

The sad message he had to bring brought great personal suffering; he’s called the weeping prophet.  None the less, there were some encouraging words in his message. He sets the captivity at 70 years and speaks of a new covenant that God will make with His people. 

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Course Outline:


The Call and Empowering of the Prophet

Judah Condemned and the Babylonian Captivity Predicted

Restoration Promised

The Prophesied Judgment Inflicted

Prophecies against the Gentiles

Summary of Jerusalem’s Seizure and Capture

Jeremiah Test