Leviticus is the 3rd book of the Pentateuch. The title Leviticus is a Greek word taken from the Septuagint translation meaning Pertaining to the Levites or The book of the Levites. In some way, this is misleading, because Leviticus does not only concern the Levites nor was it written purely for the priests. In chapter 1:2 the Lord commanded Moses to, “Speak unto the children of Israel”. It was addressed to the nation of Israel as a whole; no portion of God’s word is reserved for a certain few. Rather all scripture is given for the edification of everyone. 

The purpose of the book is to provide a practical guide on how to walk in holiness before the Lord. Like the other books of the Law, Leviticus also provides many foreshadows of Christ’s coming. This study will take a look at the ritualistic form of these sacrifices and what they testified of. It is clearly established that each offering related a different aspect of Christ’s sacrifice for mankind on Calvary.

This course features approximately 45 minutes of audio commentary.

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Course Outline:

Leviticus Introduction

Holiness in Worship


Holiness in Manner of Life


Laws and Ordinances

Leviticus Test