Luke’s gospel gives an accurate account of those events he felt were necessary to further fill out the picture and story of Christ. Luke was a physician as stated in Colossians 4:14; a Gentile who Paul met on his second mission trip through the eastern and central Mediterranean area. Since Luke was a physician and a learned man, his style of writing is often descriptive and poetical in some places. Its especially noticeable when he describes the events that deal with the healing of the body, the births of John the Baptist and Jesus, etc…

As in Mark, we’ll be skipping the areas previously studied in the gospel of Matthew. Additionally, the gospel of Luke will be presented in chronological order rather than its assigned chapter by chapter order.

This course features approximately 49 minutes of audio commentary.

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Christ’s Birth, Childhood and Preparation for His Ministry

Christ’s Teachings and Works

Conclusions of His Ministry

Luke Test