Matthew’s gospel is directed to the Jews, although it applies to everyone. He presents Jesus as the promised Messiah; King of the Jews. His gospel tells more of Christ’s second coming than any other Gospel. Also, no other gospel so forcibly denounces the hypocrisy of the Scribes and Pharisees. Another major emphasis of Matthew’s gospel is how Christ’s life fulfilled Old Testament scriptures.

As we go through the gospel of Matthew, we’ll bring Mark, Luke, and John’s accounts of the same events, to get a clear picture of what occurred. Many times one gospel will cover an event in a general way and another gospel will provide more details of the same event. Then we’ll look at the individual gospels of Mark, Luke, and John; observing the events NOT covered in the gospel of Matthew.

This course features approximately 5 hours of audio commentary.

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Christ’s Preparation

Christ’s Teachings and Works

Completion of His Ministry

Matthew Test