This book’s title, The Revelation of St. John the Divine, could be more properly called, The Revelation, or Unveiling, of Jesus Christ. It was written in 96AD during a time of severe persecution under the final year of Domitian’s reign, the Roman emperor. The author is the apostle John, who was well known among the people. John had moved from Jerusalem to Ephesus around 70AD, the time of Jerusalem and the Temple’s destruction. He had the position as elder and overseer until the mad emperor Domitian arose and enforced the punishment of Christians, whose religion was still regarded as illegal. Again the leaders were arrested and punished and many Christians perished. John was sent to a small desolate island called Patmos where he was likely forced to work in the quarries. It was there that he received this revelation.

The book of Revelation is a history, an epistle, and a prophecy. Some reasons for this book are to give us further understanding of the last days and encourage us in the hope of Christ’s return. The immediate occasion was for the need for the seven churches in Asia to be rebuked, instructed, and encouraged in their afflictions, trials, and sins.

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The Things Which John Saw

The Things Which Are: The Church Age

The Things Which Shall Be Hereafter


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