Song of Solomon

The Song of Solomon was the Song of Songs, or the most magnified, of Solomon’s 1005 songs. This song is a love story that expresses the love between Solomon and one of his brides. It is filled with many similes which described the couples’ feelings, emotions, and experiences in poetical terms. In 1st Kings 4:33 it states, “And Solomon spake of trees from the cedar that is in Lebanon even unto the hyssop that springeth out of the wall. He spake also of beasts and fowl and of creeping things and of fishes.” These are the types of things Solomon used in his similes or likenesses. 

The Song of Solomon was read on the 8th day of the Passover festival. The Israelites felt that the song was allegorical as well as literal and that it truly expressed the love between Jehovah and themselves. The Song of Solomon reminds Christians of the love between the Bride, or the church, and the Bridegroom, the King of Kings…Jesus Christ. 

This course features approximately 13 minutes of audio commentary.

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Course Outline:


The Bride in Solomon’s Palace Rejoices in His Love and Reminisces before the Daughters of Jerusalem

The Bride Remembers the Bridegroom’s Coming to Receive Him unto Himself

The Bride in Solomon’s Palace Dreams She Has Lost Him and Longs for him

The Bridegroom Comes In and Expounds upon Her Beauty

The Bride Relates Their First Meeting and Some of Their Wedding Day at Her Mother’s House to the Daughters of Jerusalem

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