Group Bible Study

Group Bible Study

The Bible Study Course makes for an excellent Group Bible Study. Home Groups? Youth Ministry? Men’s or Women’s Ministries? Even a re-occurring Bible classes at your church. 

The Bible Study Course is applicable in any ministry group setting. It’s certainly proven to be an effective ministry asset for discipleship.

Group Bible Study

Many churches these days are relying on volunteer leaders to oversee various ministries. Volunteers who likely have families, jobs, etc… and may not have the time to put together a complete, “thru-the Bible”, Bible study each week. The Bible Study Course has designed Leader Guides to assist both the volunteer and the full-time ministry leader.

Leader Guides:

Leader Guides are available for Group Bible Study leaders interested using The Bible Study Course in their ministry. These Leader Guides include:

  • An outline of the book of the Bible
  • Highlights of the information discussed in the audio commentary
  • Questions and scripture references to deepen a group discussion
  • An answer key to all the questions
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Group Bible Study Format:

Applying the Bible to our daily lives is essential from Christian growth. Reports show that we retain only 60% of what we read. That percentage increases when we write about what we’ve read. It increases even more so as we interact with what we’ve read and written. This is what makes Group Bible Studies so powerful!
The Bible Study Course fits perfectly into a Group Bible Study:
  • Following the outline provided, group leaders can assign what scriptures the group will study each week
  • Group members will study the assigned scriptures on their own and record what the Lord has shown them in our online courses. 
  • Members’ notes are instantly emailed to them so they can print them out and bring them to their meeting.
  • Group members can then take turns sharing their perspective of what they’ve learned with the rest of the group at the weekly meeting
  • The group leader can also ask additional questions provided in the Leader Guide. This will enhance the discussion and therefore challenge the group to apply the Scriptures even more personally.
Are you looking to join a Group Bible Study currently using The Bible Study Course? Please Contact Us to find out if there’s a Bible Study Group near you! 

Full Course Access:

The Bible Study Course offers a premium service for Church and Ministry Leaders. Contact us to see how we can better serve you!
The Full Course Access is perfect for Church and Ministry use:
  • Access to all 66 courses
  • Access to all Leader Guides
  • Custom Graphics for your ministry

The Bible Study Course: Homeschool Curriculum

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